The English Entertainment for the French Ambassadors in 1564

  • C. Edward. McGee St. Jerome's University, University of Waterloo
Keywords: entertainments, pageant, masque, tilt, tourney, Elizabeth I, Robert Dudley, Thomas Churchyard, Richard Edwards, Treaty of Troyes, chivalric romance, court spectacle, drama and international diplomacy,


This article brings to light a previously unpublished report, in a letter from William Honing to Sir John Thynne at Longleat, of the entertainments produced for the French Ambassadors who came to England in June 1564 to conclude the Treaty of Troyes. Produced in part by Thomas Churchyard and Richard Edwards, the shows included display hunting, running at the ring, fighting at the barriers, pageants, and masquing in the tradition of chivalric romance. Besides providing Sir Robert Dudley with an opportunity to impress Queen Elizabeth and the foreign ambassadors, the entertainments celebrated in the language of courtly spectacle the new found peace and concord between England and France.