Early Theatre is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles, reviews, and notes on medieval and early modern drama and theatre history, with a particular focus on records pertaining to actors, theatres, music, dance, and entertainment of all kinds. Our main emphasis is the performance history of art, entertainment, and festive occasions, primarily in England, but we also feature interpretive articles relating to the performances themselves. We also publish scholarship on subjects relating to early English drama as it impinges on or is influenced by other international practices. Overall, we aim to bring together the disciplines of history, art history, theatre history, music, politics, and economics so that these various scholarly concerns have a common forum in which to test theories about performance.

We publish full-length articles, shorter notes, and book reviews. Each year we also feature ‘Issues in Review’, a section of related, short essays that together highlight new research directions and shape the field for further work in areas such as commedia dell’arte’s influence on seventeenth-century drama (11.2); Islam and English drama (12.2); and dramatists, playing companies, and repertories (13.2). Early Theatre also publishes occasional special volumes with sustained attention to particular topics. These are available in the "Special Volumes" section of the site sidebar. In recognition of the excellence of our contributors, we issue biennial prizes in three categories. Please visit our Essay Prizes page for details!

Early Theatre circulates online through Digital Commons, ITER, EBSCO, and Gale/Cengage, as well as in print. Our international readership includes individuals in North America, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and parts of Europe; our institutional subscribers include academic libraries worldwide. Issues of Early Theatre published in the last year are available by subscription. Content that has been published for one year or more is freely available on this website.

REED Newsletter

Early Theatre: A Journal Associated with the Records of Early English Drama (founded 1998) evolved out a newsletter at the Records of Early English Drama (REED) called the REED Newsletter, a biannual newsletter that began in 1976. The change in 1998 reflected the growing state of the earlier publication and the need for a scholarly journal in this field which would have a longer and more independent life than a newsletter attached to REED.

The REED Newsletter was published by the Records of Early English Drama Project (REED), University of Toronto, in association with McMaster University between 1976 and 1997. Issued biannually, it published documentary evidence of early drama, items on records research, and requests by scholars for information. Calls for papers, conferences, and notices of recent publications were regularly listed.

REED Newsletter Table of Contents

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Accessing REED Newsletter

REED Newsletter is available at no cost in electronic format. Print copies are still available for purchase ($6.00 each). To order a print issue, please contact:

Melinda Gough, Editor, Early Theatre
Department of English and Cultural Studies
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4L9 Canada
e-mail: goughm@mcmaster.ca


Editorial Board of Early Theatre:


Helen Ostovich, McMaster University 

Melinda Gough, McMaster University 

Associate Editors

Erin E. Kelly, University of Victoria 

Sarah E. Johnson, Queen's University

Book Review Editor

Peter Kirwan, University of Nottingham