Green Open Access Policy

Early Theatre’s green open access distribution policy aligns with the UK Research Excellence Framework recommendations and Canadian TriCouncil requirements for open access.

All articles, notes, and reviews published in Early Theatre become freely available to the public. Here’s how the journal’s green open access policy works:

  • Authors are allowed to deposit the pre-publication accepted version of their contributions to institutional respositories, where required by their institution. In such cases, we request that the final published version replace the accepted version.
  • All authors receive via email a PDF of their own published piece within two weeks of publication.
  • We encourage authors to self-archive their work by posting this PDF to a not-for-profit repository where it can be accessed for free (eg. their university website, their a personal website). Indeed, we hope that authors will distribute their work widely since doing so helps to publicize the journal and enhance its impact and readership.
  • The complete issue in which a piece has been published will be behind a one year subscribers-only paywall. During this period, readers can access the entire issue through a personal subscription to Early Theatre or an institutional subscription via ITER or one of our additional aggregators (eg. Project Muse, EBSCO, and JSTOR).
  • After one year, the entire issue becomes completely open access via our website ( Authors are then able to offer anyone a link directly to an article, note, or review on the journal site.
  • For further information, authors may reference additional details of our open access policy on the SHERPA site.