Touring in Kent: Some Observations from Records Published to Date


  • James H. Forse Bowling Green State University



To date, published dramatic records from England reveal that County Kent saw more touring activity than any other English county. Some reasons for this activity include Kent’s local, pre-Reformation drama, its several towns as playing venues, and political and economic factors.

Author Biography

James H. Forse, Bowling Green State University

James H. Forse ( is professor of history and adjunct professor of theatre, emeritus, Bowling Green State University. Though he originally trained as a medievalist with a specialty in tenth-century Germany, for the past several years his focus has been the history of theatre during the Tudor and Jacobean eras. His book Art Imitates Business appeared in 1993. His most recent work includes a forthcoming article on the explosion of touring acting troupes under Elizabeth and another jointly authored with Ronald Shields on historiographical issues surrounding one of John Foxe's 'martyrs'. Other recent work includes articles questioning the accepted view of the 'hatred' of the Spanish during the reigns of Mary and Elizabeth. He currently is pursuing that topic into the reign of James I, as well as continuing research in the connections among commercial interests, aristocratic patrons, and Tudor acting troupes.