Thomas Heywood, Just in Time


  • Grace Ioppolo University of Reading



Thomas Heywood, Collected Works, Editing, Theatre History


The scholarly study of the dramatic works and career of Thomas Heywood has increased significantly in the last fifty years but still lags far behind that of his contemporaries Shakespeare and Jonson. Labelled the ‘prose Shakespeare’ by Charles Lamb in the early nineteenth century, Heywood seems to have been considered by scholars and publishers to be a ghostly figure who haunted the early modern theatrical world. In fact, recent research using archival records shows the ways in which Heywood is at the centre of an extensive and highly networked professional industry.

Author Biography

Grace Ioppolo, University of Reading

Grace Ioppolo ( is professor of Shakespearean and early modern drama in the department of English literature at the University of Reading, and is the general editor of The Collected Works of Thomas Heywood, 10 vols, OUP. She is also the founder and director of The Henslowe-Alleyn Digitisation Project (






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