Introduction: Entire Hands and Main Fingers


  • Grace Ioppolo University of Reading



Thomas Heywood, Collected Works, Editing, Theatre History


The ten-volume edition of The Collected Works of Thomas Heywood, forthcoming from Oxford University Press from 2015 to 2022, will attempt to place Heywood’s plays, poetry, and prose back where they belong: at the centre of the study of early modern English literature, drama, and theatre history. Especially as an actor, playwright, reviser, editor, and historical chronicler, Heywood had the longest and widest-ranging career of his contemporaries and thus can reveal how sixteenth- and seventeenth-century authors and theatrical and literary audiences came to see the practice and production of drama.

Author Biography

Grace Ioppolo, University of Reading

Grace Ioppolo ( is professor of Shakespearean and early modern drama in the department of English literature at the University of Reading, and is the general editor of The Collected Works of Thomas Heywood, 10 vols. Oxford University Press. She is also the founder and director of The Henslowe-Alleyn Digitisation Project (






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