‘We have this day, expell’d our Men the Stage’: Dating the Prologue and Epilogue of <i>The Parson’s Wedding</i>


  • Riki Miyoshi St Peter's College, University of Oxford




Restoration, Thomas Killigrew, The Parson's Wedding


Scholars of Restoration theatre have given contradictory accounts as to which all-female production of Thomas Killigrew’s The Parson’s Wedding the existing prologue and epilogue belong to. This note argues that out of the two productions in the Restoration period – the first of which took place in October 1664 and the second in June 1672 – the surviving prologue and epilogue were most likely written for the second production. Combining evidence gathered from historical records as well as from textual analysis, this note is the first study to comprehensively investigate this conundrum.    

Author Biography

Riki Miyoshi, St Peter's College, University of Oxford

Riki Miyoshi (riki.miyoshi@spc.ox.ac.uk) is a doctoral candidate in English at St Peter's College, University of Oxford. He is currently in the process of writing his dissertation entitled Thomas Killigrew and the Carolean Stage Rivalry in London, 1660-1682. He has forthcoming and published articles on Thomas Killigrew’s early managerial career (Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Theatre Research), George Beeston (Theatre Notebook), Samuel Sandford and Colley Cibber’s effect on Restoration villain tragedy (Theatre Notebook), Matthew Medbourne (Notes and Queries), Michael Mohun (Notes and Queries), and Thomas Killigrew (Notes and Queries).