The Oxford Marston and The Dutch Courtesan


  • Martin Butler University of Leeds



John Marston; Dutch Courtesan; Oxford Marston


This paper situates the play in the context of the ongoing Complete Works of John Marston, under preparation for Oxford University Press, the first such collected critical edition ever to have been created. It discusses the edition’s aims and working practices as well as the new picture of Marston we expect to emerge from it. Scholars now often encounter The Dutch Courtesan in isolation, as Marston’s single best-known and most-read play. This paper approaches the play in the context of Marston’s career and publication history as a whole, in addition to the textual and theatrical relationships which work on the edition is gradually coming to disclose.


Author Biography

Martin Butler, University of Leeds

Martin Butler ( is a professor in the school of English, University of Leeds. His publications include Theatre and Crisis 1632-1642 (1984), The Stuart Court Masque and Political Culture (2008), and (with David Bevington and Ian Donaldson) The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Ben Jonson (2012). With Matthew Steggle, he is co-general editor of The Works of Marston, in preparation for Oxford University Press.






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