Emotions in The Witch of Edmonton

  • Kathryn Prince University of Ottawa


In The Witch of Edmonton, a diabolical dog escapes from the supernatural subplot to unleash mischief, madness, and murder in rural Middlesex. While the play’s emotional sophistication is easy to overlook because of the preposterousness of a costumed actor taking the stage as a talking dog, an analysis grounded in History of Emotions approaches and focusing on Dog reveals the extent to which this play, in dramatizing a society without charity, makes a convincing emotional plea centred on the emotions that mobilize, and are mobilized by, the uncanny character at its heart.    

Author Biography

Kathryn Prince, University of Ottawa

Kathryn Prince (kprince@uottawa.ca) is an associate professor of theatre at the University of Ottawa, and vice-dean of the Faculty of Arts.

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