The Admiral's Vayvode of 1598

Misha Teramura


This essay proposes that the subject of the lost play Vayvode, performed by the Admiral’s Men in 1598, may have been John Hunyadi, a fifteenth-century Hungarian military commander celebrated as a bulwark of Christian Europe against the Ottoman threat. It considers which historical sources would have been available to the playwright, the popularity of Hunyadi in the sixteenth century, and the theatrical contexts of the 1590s, as well as some alternative possibilities for the hero of the Admiral’s play.


Admiral's Men; lost plays; John Hunyadi; Turks; Henry Chettle; 1598; Ottoman empire

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Misha Teramura
Harvard University
United States

Misha Teramura ( is a doctoral candidate in the English department at Harvard University. His work has appeared in Shakespeare Quarterly and the collection Lost Plays in Shakespeare’s England.